A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

In a world where life energy is stacked and saved, you've decided to dedicate your life to stealing it all for yourself. Live... or die trying!

Gamepad: Left analog stick and A (Xbox) / X (PlayStation).
Keyboard: Arrow keys and Space.

Update: New builds have been uploaded for Windows, Linux, and Mac, which supports multiplayer mode. 


Neon Climbers (Linux) 184 MB
Neon Climbers (Win) 115 MB


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Awesome work, the game really looks great and the sound and music is very fitting. A pretty fun concept, maybe could use some work with balancing as it's very easy for quite a while and then gets incredibly hard around 20 layers in.

We still had some things we wanted to do with the game, one of those things was the balance. Uploads are locked because it was a jam submission, so we'll have to see how we'll go about updating it.

Thanks for playing. :D