There is an exam about to happen in three days.
You have to study hard if you wanna make it.

But how one is supposed to study without coffee?!

Make sure you have beans to grind right for your French press. Then savor all the joy of coffee, freshly made. Smell it and be in the moment. Feels good, doesn't it?

Oh, yeah, and study. Don't forget to study too!

---> Use arrows ans Z to play game

About making Got Coffee?!

This game came to be because we decided to enter Two Color jam, Coffee Jam and Floppy Jam. All the same time with a single entry. It was delightful to play around with limitations and let creativity out as coffee got into our systems.

We had also another important rule to follow: it had to be chill. We shouldn't ever get stressed over making this game.

As a result this ended up being one of the most fun game dev experiences!


Since each jam had a different deadline, we made stable versions that could be delivered for each.

You can download them separately if you're interested in the development process.

!!!! Coffee Game Jam is in !!!
!!!! Two Colors Game Jam is in !!!

The version available in the browser was delivered for the Floppy Jam (and properly written on a floppy disk too), save for sound and music which were later added by Elie Abraham <3

It is also possible download the .html and .js file or go to the github page!
All tastes are served here!

AuthorsNangi, beta_138
Made withPICO-8
Tagscoffee, Cozy, Minimalist, PICO-8, Slice Of Life
Average sessionA few minutes


Download 359 kB
Download 358 kB
Download 353 kB


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Cute little game. The graphics and the music create a very nice atmosphere. :)



sweet, especially love the imagery of the town. very pokemon like. 

beautiful game!

i love these graphics so much