Feedback Loop - Created at Nordic Game Jam 2019 (Theme: THAT AGAIN!)

A game built on rapid feedback and constant iteration.

A game about exploring process, the desires of the collective unconscious, and the priorities (and costs) of listening to the crowd.

In addition to all this, the game also serves as a reminder of how waste and littering impacts the ocean. 

Team name: Feedback Group
Room: Keynote


Joel Setterberg: Programming and Design

Pat Scott: Programming and Integration

Lars Boe: Character Design and Community Management

Jonatan Elsgard: Music and Sound Design

Feedback team:

Horatiu Roman 
Asbjørn Hansen
Morten Mansdal
Mathias Jensen
Arvi Teikari
Simon Post @postsklett
Michael Olsen
Casper with a K aka Dognice
Ronnie Tallon
Daisy Kinahan Murphy
Julian Abela
Oscar Rumle
Sahlia Wong
Andy Pandy
Julia Iljina
Michael Broeders
Millefey @rabbitshaped
Andreas Damgaard Olsen
Oscar Bagger
Joakim Carlsen
Magnus Nilssoon
Marcus Thomas Melin Gammeltoft-Hansen
Theis Kamper
Kasper Zoellner
Kristian Hedeholm
Manuel S. Thomsen
Lizzie Nordentoft
Erik Høyrup Jørgensen ♫
Mattia Traverso

Thank you to all the contributors!

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